The Alhambra, designed by Frank J. Schlotter, opened in 1913. The 350 seat theater was built within a local neighborhood rather than a commercial area. It only took 120 days to construct the Alhambra with a final cost of $18,000. Schlotter utilized Moorish elements to embellish the theater.

It served as a movie theater in 1956 and then was used sporadically over the years. In 1994, a major exterior restoration began courtesy of a DHPA grant. The intention was to convert it into a community playhouse. However, a variety of events occurred resulting in a 2003 Sheriff’s Sale. The group of local citizens formed Alhambra Theatre Inc and purchased the theater. The organization has placed a protective covenant on the theater and future plans include completing the interior restoration and create a multi-use facility in the neighborhood.



50 Adams Avenue, Evansville, IN 47713