Dr. George Sutton Medical Office Building

In 1819, George Sutton, a prominent figure in Indiana medical history, immigrated to the United States from England. After completing a vigorous education in Ohio, Dr. Sutton moved to the small port town of Aurora, Indiana and in 1836 began his practice. Coinciding with Dr. Sutton’s arrival was a period of pronounced growth in Aurora and within two years he developed a thriving practice.

During Dr. Sutton’s career, modern medicine was just beginning to emerge in the United States, enabling him to make ground-breaking discoveries about diseases and how they spread throughout populations. Because he mainly focused on diseases that were affecting the State of Indiana, his efforts had a large impact on the health of the states’ inhabitants.

Dr. Sutton constructed a small office building in 1870, which he and his sons used until eventually becoming apartment housing from the 1930s to 1992. By 1992, Dr. Sutton’s great-grandson possessed ownership of the building and converted the structure back to a medical office. The building still stands today and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.



315 Third Street, Aurora, IN, 47001