The Crystal Beach Pool and Bathhouse were constructed by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) from 1937-1939. The pool has a half circle form designed by a Mr. Hunter. Shallow water starts at the curved outer edge and plunges to 9-feet deep at the center portion. A series of five diving boards in the shape of a pyramid as well as a series of water slides dotted the perimeter of the pool. The water slides were removed in the 1950s and the diving boards in the 1970s. When the complex opened, sand bordered the edge of the pool to make it feel more like a beach. Showers were located along the edge of the pool so swimmers could wash off the sand before entering the water. The sandy beach was removed in 1955. A series of porthole lights illuminated the pool for evening swimming. Due to the dangerous combination of the electricity and water, the lighting was removed as well.

Architect Lester Routt of Vincennes designed the 2-story bathhouse. Constructed of local stone, the bathhouse has a full front porch and upper balcony. The first floor holds the changing rooms and concession stand. Over the years, the upstairs has been used as a skating rink, dance hall, and meeting space for the local Boys Club.

Crystal Beach is still in use during the summer months.



400 W Vaughn Dr, Madison, IN 47250