German immigrant Gustav Dentzel began a carousel manufacturing business in Philadelphia in 1867. His father also created carousels in Kreuznach, Germany. The Dentzel family created over 100 hand-carved wood carousels during the 62-years they were in business. Approximately 20 of the Dentzels’ carousels still exist although few in their original location or completely intact.

The carousel was manufactured c. 1885 and was originally part of Robison Park , a trolley company park in Fort Wayne. Robison Park closed in the early 1910s and the carousels ended up in Logansport’s Spencer Park in 1919. It is 40-feet in diameter and has 42 wood carved animals bedecked in a variety of colors and decoration. The privately-run carousel remained in Spencer Park until 1962 and was then moved to Riverside Park. In 1972 the Jaycees sponsored a “Save Our Carousel” campaign and they were able to raise $15,000 to purchase the carousel. They in turn donated it to the newly-formed Cass County Carousel Association. The Carousel Association restored the carousel in 1996 and it is now under a modern shelter and is one of three complete stationary Dentzel carousels in the country. The Carousel Association continues to run the carousel during from Memorial Day to Labor Day.



1212 Riverside Drive, Logansport, IN 46947