Built between 1838 and 1848, Dr. William Hutchings’ hospital and personal office currently functions as a small public museum. Born in 1825 in Kentucky, Hutchings would later complete his medical study in Kentucky and his medical training during the Asiatic Cholera Epidemic of 1849. He was awarded a medical diploma from Indiana Central Medical College Indianapolis of Ashbury University (now known as DePauw University).

Prior to Hutchings use of the building as an office and hospital, the previous tenants, used the building as an attorney’s office. Following the doctor’s death in 1903, his children closed the office, packing up the materials and items inside the house. The house and items inside remained in this state for sixty-six years until 1969, when the granddaughter of Hutchings donated the building and all its contents to the current owner, Historic Madison, Inc.

Dr. Hutchings’ Hospital and Office is located within the Madison Historic District (listed in the National Register of Historic Places, as well as a National Historic Landmark) and maintains its historic look, along with some of the original equipment and furnishings of Dr. Hutchings and his family.



120 E 3rd St, Madison, IN 47250